Beneq and LETI boost thin film research in Russia

In 2013, Beneq and Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" officially opened the ALD Application Laboratory (ALD AppLab), which is dedicated to thin film science and research. The laboratory will focus on fostering research and scientific development into industrial applications, with a strong emphasis on atomic layer deposition (ALD) as an enabling technology. Establishing ALD AppLab is a concrete and ground-breaking step in implementing nanotechnology, and especially thin film development, in Russia.

ALD technology provides the ability to manage material properties at an atomic level by applying layers of almost any element composition, structure or thickness to virtually any substrate, and simultaneously achieve the required performance and precise parameter control. Practical applications of nanotechnology include the use of ALD thin films in photovoltaics for enhancing the efficiency of solar cells, in optical coatings for improving optical properties glass and in barrier coatings for protecting sensitive electronics or precious metals against the elements.

ALD AppLab activities will be aimed at offering a wide range of thin film research and development services: basic chemistry, process development, coating operations, proof-of-concept, product prototyping and small-scale piloting.